We always have vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, and a flavor of the month to choose from. Please give our store a call to inquire about today’s selection and quantity. Any other flavors you would like to order require a minimum of 6 per flavor for full sized cupcakes and 12 per flavor for mini cupcakes.

Cupcake Base vegan-flag Vanilla; Chocolate; Red Velvet; Spice; Banana; Carrot; Coconut; Cookie; Lemon; Lemon Poppyseed; or Confetti

Topping Choices vegan-flag Vanilla; Chocolate; Cream Cheese; Peanut Butter; Lemon; Mint; Strawberry; Raspberry; or Coconut

Size Each Dozen
Standard 2.99 32.00
Mini 1.59 17.00

Sprinkles are always included. Custom frosting colors and simple toppers are an additional charge. Please allow 1 week notice for all special orders

vegan-flagVegan option available by special order. Vegan contains NO dairy, eggs or animal products.

ALLERGIES: Even though some of our desserts may not contain soy, dairy, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, seeds, or any other allergy/health-related food items, all of the above are used throughout TOP TIER TREATS kitchen. While we are EXTREMELY careful not to cross-contaminate, those with severe nut, soy, dairy, gluten, or any other food allergies should exercise extreme caution and use your own discretion.