About Us

Jamaica Crist grew up in the small coastal town of Newport, Oregon. Her first job was as dishwasher in a local restaurant. While in high school, her mother opened a small cafe and had Jamaica help run the place. She worked there until moving to Eugene, Oregon to attend college. She continued to work in a variety of restaurants, moving thru all the various positions: hostess, waitress, cashier, bar back and pantry/prep/dessert cook. It was while in Eugene that Jamaica found her true passion…desserts!

After taking a few pastry and baking classes at the local college, she started working at The Sweet Life Patisserie and fell in love with the art of the wedding cake. She picked up the style of incorporating fresh flowers onto all of her cakes and continues to do so as her signature touch. “I feel it adds a fresh, organic feel to the cake. We don’t do a sugary, sweet style, so why add sugary, sweet flowers? It makes more sense to me, and there’s nothing more beautiful than the real thing,” says Jamaica. She even grows flowers in her own garden that she uses on her cakes!

James is the reason Jamaica is in Los Angeles. A West Los Angeles native and the backbone of Top Tier Treats, he went to Eugene to attend the University of Oregon, which is where he met Jamaica who was working in a local coffee kiosk. Their first kiss was at a friend’s wedding, which also happened to be Jamaica’s first wedding cake. Thousands of wedding cakes later, James handles the behind-the-scenes business for Top Tier Treats, which allows Jamaica to stay focused on baking.

Top Tier Treats was born as Jamaica’s Cakes in the spring of 2005, and Jamaica and James have never looked back since. Their store continues to grow its reputation as one of the best in the LA area. We invite you to stop by our store front to sample some of our delightful cakes, desserts, and full espresso bar.