Q: Hey, did you change your name?!
A: Yes, we did! We were called “Jamaica’s Cakes” for the first several years in business but decided to change to Top Tier Treats for the sake of clarity.

Q: Why were you called “Jamaica’s Cakes”?
A: Because that is the owner’s name. It confused a lot of people who thought we’re a Jamaican style bakery, but there is nothing “Jamaican” about it. Jamaica got her name from a song her parents listened to on the radio called “Oh Jamaica” by Country Joe McDonald back in the 1970’s. They thought that it would make a great name and Jamaica loves it!

Q: What happens if I need a cake in under 48 hours?
A: Since we make everything, to order, from scratch, we ask for a minimum of 1 week notice. However, we always have fresh 6″ and 9″ cakes in our front case for any last minute orders or walk-ins. While we will always try to accommodate last minute orders, sometimes it’s just not possible (such as a stacked or 3-D cake).

Q: Do you REALLY need 1 week notice on all special orders?
A: Maybe, maybe not. It depends on how many orders we have to fill in a given time frame. Give us a call and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Q: Are your cakes fresh?
A: Always! We never freeze our cakes and always bake to order. Cakes will lose quality if frozen prior to using.

Q: How much do your cakes cost?
A: It’s really hard to say! Each cake is unique and will have different degrees of difficulty. It will depend on the number of guests you want to feed in addition to the final design elements you want the cake to have. Cakes can range from $30 all the way to $5,000.

Q: Has Jamaica been on TV before?
A: Yes, a lot as a matter of fact! She has appeared on TLC’s Ultimate Cake Off three times, winning twice. She also appeared on Ultimate Cake Boss, and she has been on David Tutera’s CELEBrations, Gene Simmons Family Values, Curb Your Enthusiasm, USA’s Character Fantasy, Platinum Weddings, Rock the Reception, and HDNet’s Deadline. Check out our press section for more info!

Q: Do you offer delivery?
A: Yes, we use a specialized courier service for most deliveries. For wedding and other complicated cakes, we personally deliver your order. The price is based on distance. Please contact the store for more information.

Q: Is parking available?
A: There is plenty of metered street parking both in front of and behind our store, in addition to a shared parking lot just west of our building. Don’t forget to pay your meter. They’re fast around here!

Q: Do you ship your desserts?
A: Unfortunately, we do not ship our products at this time.

Q: What is your payment and refund policy?
A: A 50% deposit is required for all orders over $50. If an order is cancelled less than 72 hours ahead, there is a 25% cancellation fee. If an order is paid and then refunded on a credit card, a 5% transaction fee will be retained for processing fees.

Q: What is your food allergen warning?
A: Even though some of our desserts may not contain soy, dairy, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, seeds, or any other allergy/health-related food items, all of the above are used throughout TOP TIER TREATS kitchen. While we are EXTREMELY careful not to cross-contaminate, those with severe nut, soy, dairy, gluten, or any other food allergies should exercise extreme caution and use your own discretion.

Other questions? Contact us!